Banknotes of the Dominican Peso: What coins and bills are available?

What coins and bills are available in the Dominican Republic?

What is the currency in the Dominican Republic?

The currency in the Dominican Republic is the Peso. The peso is available as banknotes and as coins. The currency is issued by the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic.

What is the history of the Dominican Peso?

The Dominican Peso was introduced in 1844 after the country gained independence from Haiti. The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic is responsible for issuing currency. They print new banknotes as needed and destroy old or damaged ones.

Which banknotes are currently in circulation?

50 Pesos

100 Pesos

200 Pesos

500 Pesos

1000 Pesos

2000 Pesos

Which coins are in circulation?

1 Peso

5 Pesos

10 Pesos

25 Pesos